Understanding The Obligations Of A Legal Separation

With a total of 22 states requiring some duration of legal separation or waiting period prior to a divorce, it's important to get all the facts before you start the paperwork. If you live in one of these states, it's a good idea to first identify the minimum possible duration required by your state statutes, and then to do everything possible to qualify for that minimum. That may still leave you with several months or more before you divorce can be finalized, so make sure your separation agreement contains everything you intend it to. [Read More]

3 Defenses An Attorney Can Plead For A DUI

If you have been ticketed with a DUI, you may fully understand the magnitude of this violation. As far as most tickets go, this is likely to be one of the last ones you will ever want to receive. However, the key to being able to maintain your driver's license and avoid steep penalties in the process is by relying on the assistance of a legal professional who can plead a defense on your behalf. [Read More]

Don't Make One Of These Mistakes With Your Bankruptcy Case

Even though you might try to do the right thing by paying your bills every month, there are certain things that you can't always control. One of those being whether your employer is going to lay you off, cut your hours or pay or get rid of you completely. Individuals with 20 years for the same company could be let go just as easily as someone who has only been there a year. [Read More]

How to Handle Social Security Disability Problems

If you get a long-term or chronic illness, you might be liable for social security disability. This allows you to continue having income benefits even if you are unable to work. In some cases, you might have issues with social security disability claims and being approved for it. The following tips help you handle different issues that might come up. What happens if you apply yourself? The first problem you might face when filing for social security disability is that you filled out the information incorrectly or didn't provide the documents needed. [Read More]