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Don't Make One Of These Mistakes With Your Bankruptcy Case

Even though you might try to do the right thing by paying your bills every month, there are certain things that you can't always control. One of those being whether your employer is going to lay you off, cut your hours or pay or get rid of you completely. Individuals with 20 years for the same company could be let go just as easily as someone who has only been there a year. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation with no way out, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be just what you need to get back on track and start fresh. To make sure your case is successful and stress-free, avoid making one of the mistakes below.

Forgetting to include all of your debts.

Regardless of whether a debt is only $10 or $10,000, you need to make sure everything is included with your case. Every debt that is left out will cost you money to add back in later on down the road. You are better off making sure you have everything you need included before the lawyer files your case. Another thing you need to make sure you don't do is to leave off debts on purpose. Paying certain debts off to prevent them from being put in the bankruptcy could cause the court to go after that person and force them to turn the money over to the court. It isn't worth the hassle for you or the other party.

Not taking the credit counseling courses on time.

You have to take 2 credit counseling classes during the course of your bankruptcy. One is to be taken before filing the case and the other after the 341 hearing and before discharge. Your lawyer will provide you with the information about who they recommend and what you need to do to complete the process properly. Don't ignore this step. If you do, your case could be dismissed or postponed.

Failing to attend the 341 hearing.

A 341 hearing is where creditors can show up and dispute the dismissal of their debt. You have to be there. Your attorney cannot handle this on their own. While the hearing doesn't take long to complete, it is a pivotal part of your case and shouldn't be ignored. Make sure to arrive a few minutes early to go over any questions you might have with your attorney.

In avoiding the mistakes above, you can get out of debt and put the majority of your fears and worries behind you. For more tips on what you should avoid when filing for bankruptcy, talk to a lawyer like D Derk Demaree Attorney at Law.