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Why Do People Say ______ About A DWI?

A drink too many with the coworkers at the bar, a run for more ice in the middle of a superbowl party even though you've had a few beers, or maybe even an extra glass of wine at dinner—all of these situations can land you right in the middle of a DWI charge. People talk a lot about DWI charges, and you may really want to pay attention to what people say. Here is a look at some of the common statements and what you should know. 

Why do people claim a DWI can drastically change your life?

Being charged and found guilty of a DWI can truly change your life in a bad way. People say this because it is the truth. You may lose your license, have to start paying a fortune for car insurance, and even lose your job in some cases. In some states, DWIs can come along with jail time, required driver's education courses, and major fines as well. People often do not realize just how big of a difference their life can be if they have been charged with driving under the influence. 

Why do people say a DWI is one of the easiest crimes to defend?

DWIs are a serious crime, but this is also a crime that often has a lot of loopholes and a lot of potential routes of defense, especially if the charge was a first incident for the individual. Some of the typical defenses for a DWI charge include:

  • Field sobriety tests were not properly administered by the officer 
  • The driver was not aware they were intoxicated or was administered alcohol without their knowledge
  • Driving while intoxicated occurred only because it was an emergency situation and the driver had to drive
  • Breathalyzer tests were not given properly by the arresting officer 
  • The officer did not respect the individual's rights during the interaction 

Why do people tell you that you must have an attorney for a DWI charge?

Getting an attorney for a DWI charge is definitely one of the smartest things you can do if you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated. Your attorney will be the best person to look for ways to build a proper defense so you can potentially obtain a not-guilty verdict. Without an attorney, even though there may be good defenses you could use, you may not know these ideas are a possibility for helping you out of the bad situation. 

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