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Amicable Divorce And Mediation

Couples that divorce may be surprised by how much choice they have in several areas of divorce. How much you spend, how stressed-out you feel, how long the divorce takes to be over, and more factors are directly influenced by the way you and your spouse conduct yourself when contentious issues arise. Read on to find out more about the dangers of failing to have an amicable divorce and how mediation might help you as you part ways.

Going Into Battle

There is no doubt that people get taken advantage of every day when it comes to divorce. The problem is that when you approach divorce as a contest, you are creating an atmosphere of strife. In fact, your need to win at all costs might end up benefiting the court system and your attorney more than anyone else. Speak with your attorney about what you are entitled to get in the way of marital assets, spousal support, etc., and what debts you might end up being responsible for paying so that you'll have a realistic idea of what you are fighting for. Keep a tight watch on legal costs so that you don't end spending valuable marital assets in your fight. The money you spend to gain an asset could place your entire financial future at risk.

Emotional Harm

When issues must be litigated in court, things can drag on for months and even years. The stress and negativity can begin to affect both parties in contested and long-term divorces. Parties embroiled in sensitive issues like child custody, marital property, the division of debts, etc. can begin to suffer from both physical and mental problems. Anxiety, depression, mood changes, problems sleeping, changes in appetite, and other emotional problems can surface and create an atmosphere of hopelessness. To help ward these problems off:

  1. Decide what is important before you begin the divorce process. Set some priorities and some bottom-line financial limits so that you will automatically identify the issues that you are willing to compromise on.
  2. Seek mental health counseling.

Consider Mediation

Hashing issues out in divorce court is no way to resolve issues. Divorce mediators are trained to bring the parties together in a non-threatening environment in an attempt provide resolution to contested issues. Usually, the mediator meets with the couple in a neutral location one or more times a week. During the meeting, the couple has to follow rules that revolve around each party being heard and mutual respect. Both parties should be on-board and enthusiastic to make the most of mediation.

Speak to your divorce lawyer to learn more about having an amicable divorce.