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Was Your Spouse Released From The ER And Died Of A Heart Attack? What You Need For Your Lawyer

If your spouse was showing signs of a heart attack and you took them to the emergency room for care, and they were sent home and died shortly after, you can seek legal help to get compensation for the case. This happens more commonly than you may know, since some people have silent heart attacks, and you deserve to be paid for your suffering.

If your spouse wasn't treated like they should have been, and their symptoms weren't taken seriously, you have a case. Here are some things to bring the lawyer during your first visit.

Health Reports

This could have been a problem that was gradually building, and your spouse's regular physician should have looked at their vitals and caught on. Take all medical records from appointments a year before your spouse's death to see if this is an issue that not only the emergency room staff is responsible for, but the family physician as well. You may have another suit going on against the family doctor if they should have had your spouse on high blood pressure or cholesterol medication.

Emergency Room Release Document

When your spouse was discharged from the emergency room, what was the diagnosis? Did they say that your spouse had acid reflux, anxiety, or another medical condition? The document will state what the symptoms of your spouse were before they died, and you can use these to prove that they should have been kept, and that the medical staff should have caught on that they were having a heart attack.

Medical Bills and Expenses

Gather the medical bills from the night you were at the emergency room and also the funeral bills and other costs that are directly related to your spouse's death. This isn't going to be the amount that you go for in court, but it's going to be a starting point for your attorney to see what the incident has cost you.

A wrongful death attorney can't bring back your spouse, but they can make sure that the medical professionals that dismissed your spouse's symptoms and let them leave the hospital have to pay for what happened. The sooner you act, the faster you can get the case going and the easier it will be to find other eye witnesses that can attest to your spouse's symptoms. You are going to spend the rest of your life wondering what could have happened if your spouse got the care that they needed that day--you shouldn't have to spend the rest of your life paying the bills from it too.

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