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Answering Questions About Common Real Estate Disputes

Your real estate was likely one of the more expensive items that you have ever purchased, and it is important to protect this investment. Due to the importance of real estate, there is an entire body of law dedicated to dealing with the disputes that commonly arise in this area of life. The following couple of problems are relatively routine in real estate law, and understanding how these issues are addressed with help you to protect your investment in real estate. 

What Should You Do If Your Neighbor Starts To Build A Fence On Your Property?

When your neighbor starts to build a fence along your property line, it can quickly cause a contentious situation to arise. This often results from ambiguity about where the property boundary lines are located. Fortunately, this can be a relatively simple solution to address. 

You will need to hire a surveyor to inspect the line to determine the exact location of the boundary line, and these professionals can mark the line to ensure construction crews do not accidentally violate it. If it turns out that either portions or all of the fence is located on your property, the neighbor will be forced to pay to have it removed. In some cases, they may resist or refuse, and if this is happening, you may need to speak with a real estate attorney to determine the best course of action to protect your property. 

How Are Unreported Issues With A Home Your Purchased Handled?

It is a common fear among first-time homebuyers that they will choose a house that has hidden flaws and damages. While the real estate agent and seller are required by law to disclose defects with the building, there are still instances where something will accidentally be overlooked or undiscovered. In these cases, the seller may not be required by law to compensate you for repairs if they made a good faith effort to verify the integrity of the building. 

For this reason, you should consider purchasing a warranty plan from your real estate agent. These plans are a form of insurance that will compensate you for a variety of repairs that may need to be made to the property. The exact damages and policy limits will vary greatly depending on the details of the plan, and you will need to carefully review this document to ensure you understand what liability it protects you from. 

When disputes over real estate arise, it can become a very stressful situation for everyone involved. However, it is important to understand how some of the more common issues are handled to ensure you know how to protect your rights during these disputes.

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